Introducing: Disco Labs

Job change! (Sort of). As of last week, I’m now the Founding Partner at Disco Labs.

Disco’s current mission is to deliver top-notch development and design services for the Shopify platform, with a huge focus on being approachable, responsive and darn good at delivering. We’ll be working on everything from front-end theme customisation to complex back-end applications that integrate with the Shopify API.

I’m also excited to announce that we’ll soon be releasing our first application to the Shopify App store. It’ll be based on Shopify’s new Embedded App SDK and will hopefully be just the first in a range of top-quality, dead-simple apps.

Being huge fans and users of Open Source, we’ve extracted a number of tools and frameworks we’ve been using in building this new app that are now available on our GitHub:

  • shopify-dev-frame, a simple HTML frame to help with the development of Embedded Apps;
  • django-shopify-auth, an easy-to-use Django package for adding Shopify authentication to a Django app;
  • django-owned-models, a Django package providing conveniences around the ownership of models by users.

As always, keen for feedback on these and anything else Disco-related!