I love speaking and am always keen to share my experience with others. I most commonly talk about Shopify and Ecommerce.

If you’d like to invite me to speak at an event or conference, please contact me.


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, speaking slots are pretty sparse at the moment.


Shopify Unite (2019)

“Building for Large Merchants”, a talk focused on strategies and considerations when working with enterprise merchants on Shopify. A joint track session with partner in crime Piers Thorogood from We Make Websites.

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Shopify Meetups, Singapore / Hong Kong / Tokyo (2018)

A run of events, covering a range of topics related to Shopify development and ecommerce growth.

Beyond Tellerand, Berlin (January 2018)

“Tales from the Shopify Code Face”, a lunchtime session sharing some real world insights into working with the Shopify commerce platform.

A Day with Shopify, Melbourne (November 2017)

A reprise of “Custom Application Development for Partners”, given at the spectacular Deakin Edge for the final stop on the 2017 Day with Shopify tour.

Shopify Meetup, Sydney (November 2017)

“Hacking the Checkout”, a merchant-focused twist on the talk I delivered at the Melbourne Shopify Partners meetup in August.

A Day with Shopify, Birmingham (September 2017)

“Custom Application Development for Partners”, a talk going into detail on why custom application development can be a powerful tool to add to your Shopify Partner toolbelt.

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Shopify Partners Meetup, Melbourne (August 2017)

“Hacking the Checkout”, a look at how Shopify Plus’s checkout customisation functionality can be leveraged to deliver higher conversion rates and better customer experiences.

Shopify Meetup, Stockholm (June 2017)

“Growing with Shopify”, a rundown on our agency’s growth through a focus on Shopify, delivered at the inaugural Shopify meetup in Stockholm.

Generate Conference, Sydney (November 2016)

I’ll be honest, I can’t remember exactly what I spoke about here as I left it far too long to add to the list. I’m sure it had something to do with Shopify and Ecommerce though!

General Assembly Ecommerce Meetup, New York (April 2016)

“Growing Pains: Lessons Learned Building an Ecommerce Agency”, delivered at General Assembly in downtown New York.

Generate Conference, New York (April 2016)

“E-Commerce Frontiers”, a look at upcoming trends in Ecommerce at Generate conference.

An Introduction to Shopify, Helsingborg (March 2016)

In partnership with Shopify and Klarna, I hosted a special event at the E-Commerce Park of Sweden in Helsingborg, Sweden.

Mastering Shopify Apps, Helsinki (December 2015)

I was asked by Shopify to give a 30 minute talk on Shopify Application development at Hack Junction, the largest hackathon event in the Nordics.

Growth Hacking for eCommerce, London (October 2015)

Eschewing the silver bullet myth of growth “hacking”, I shared three practical Ecommerce growth tactics with the audience at General Assembly, based on my experience with a successful client.

Advanced Shopify Theme Development Workshop, London (October 2015)

A half-day event I ran in partnership with Shopify at Faber & Faber in London, focusing on taking attendees’ Shopify theme development skills to the next level.

Melbourne Mobile Meetup, Melbourne (March 2014)

“Responsive Web Design”, an overview of the various components of responsive web design and its tradeoffs, based on a couple of real-world case studies from my time working at Service Central.

University of Melbourne Guest Lecture Series, Melbourne (February 2014)

I returned to my alma mater to deliver “Prototyping”, a talk to a group of software engineering students undertaking their final year project at the University of Melbourne. The focus of the talk was prototyping - what a good prototype is, what it achieves, and how to develop one.