Updates to Shopify theme settings plugin

I’ve been getting plenty of positive feedback on my Grunt plugin for making Shopify theme setting management a little bit easier since releasing it a couple of months ago.

I’ve kept up development of it and thought I’d just quickly note some of the major recent improvements:

  • You can now import existing settings.html files into the plugin’s YAML format with a single command;
  • Many field types render better and are more accessible;
  • You can now create custom templates for fields, subsections and sections when you need something beyond what’s provided out of the box.

I’ve also just finished off integrating the plugin with Bootstrapify, an excellent open-souce Shopify theme framework. Hopefully this means more folks will be able to take advantage of the plugin and provide some more feedback.

If you’re one of those folks using the plugin, I’d love to hear from you – just tweet me @gavinballard!