Automatically Subscribing Gumroad Customers to MailChimp

A method for automatically subscribing new Gumroad customers to a MailChimp list. It’s not pretty, it’s not super-simple, but it works. Warning: moving parts (your own server, nginx) involved.

Using Respond.js with Shopify: Redux

Since describing how to get Respond.js to work with Shopify, plenty of folks have been in touch with questions, comments and a few issues. In this post, I’ll respond to some common questions, and describe a technique to make the original trick even easier.

Microdata on Shopify and other eCommerce Platforms

Have you heard of micro data? It’s a relatively new method of providing search engines with structured, detailed information about the products your online store carries. Learn more and see how to implement it on your own store.

Shopify Theme Performance Roundup

There’s no denying that great products, great content and great marketing are all important parts of building an eCommerce site. You might be focusing on these right now (and rightly so), but you shouldn’t forget an oft-overlooked facet of your online store - its performance.

Bootstrap for Shopify Released

Six months after I announced the beta release of Bootstrap for Shopify, I’m happy to say it’s just reached its first official release!

The Wright Technique

I heard an interesting (if potentially urban-legend-esque) fact the other day about the Wright Brothers that made me wonder if a behavioural change could improve discussion on the internet.

Are coders worth it?

James Somers just published a fantastic piece over on Aeon Magazine. In it, he brings the question of virtue versus value home to the “startup community”.

Automatically Converting HTML to PDF on Mac

It’s amazing just how difficult it can be to automatically render HTML files to lightweight PDF documents. After a lot of frustration, I found a welcome solution in the URL2PDF utility.

Introducing: Bootstrap for Shopify

Today, I’m super-excited to announce the beta release of Bootstrap for Shopify!

Using Respond.js with Shopify

Out of the box, Respond.js just doesn’t work with Shopify due to the latter’s asset delivery system. Fortunately, there is a reasonably straightforward technique we can use to resolve this issue.