Exporting Gumroad Sales to Xero

I've been using Gumroad for a couple of years to sell products to my audience. In this post, I'll show you how I semi-automated the process of importing Gumroad sales data into accounting software Xero using a simple Ruby script.

Why learn to build a Shopify app?

In this post, extracted from my new email course, I take a step back and ask a "big picture" question: why would we want to learn how to develop Shopify applications?

Notes from Generate Conference London

My summaries of some of the standout talks at Generate Conf 2015 in London.

Building Shopify Apps with PHP

PHP may not be the sexiest or "it's so hot right now" of languages, but it's still hugely popular, gets the job done for millions of sites, and has a large base of talented developers. If you're a PHP developer interested in building Shopify applications, but are a bit put off by the apparent lack of PHP-specific resources out there, I've put together a collection of useful places to start.

Securing customer pages with a Shopify app proxy

Shopify's proxy pages allow you to offer customers some pretty nifty functionality. However, a naive implementation raises a few security issues. In this post, I'll walk through the techniques I use to authenticate proxied requests.

Tiny tweaks for Shopify theme performance

I share a couple of minor tips to squeeze that little bit extra from Shopify themes.

A Shopify Partner’s thoughts on the IPO filing

Way back before I started Disco and went full-time as a Shopify developer and consultant, I had a brief flirtation with the world of corporate law. Something in me must have missed the hours spent trawling through long and boring legal documents, because I just had a quick read through of Shopify’s IPO filing.

Mastering Shopify Themes Published!

It’s been a long road, but yesterday I clicked the “send” button to let the earlybird list for Mastering Shopify Themes know that the course is now live and available for purchase!

The “Click Trepidation” Test of Software Quality

When I was 17, I entered a programming competition for high school students. The most important lesson I got from the experience is that your own gut can be a strong indicator of software quality.

Deploying Shopify Themes with Beanstalk: First Run Review

A live video run-through of my first run through of Beanstalk's new "Deploy to Shopify" feature for Shopify themes.