Hi! I’m Gavin, software developer and CEO at Disco, a company that helps businesses succeed on the Shopify platform.

I’m the author of the Bootstrap for Shopify framework, as well the courses Mastering Shopify Themes and Mastering Shopify Apps.

I write and speak about design, development and strategy in eCommerce. You can find out more about me or reach out — I’m always happy to chat!

Recent Posts

Shopify OAuth Flow for Dummies

In this post, I'm going to try to provide a plain-language, high-level description of how Shopify's OAuth authentication flow works. To goal is to help out developers new to Shopify and OAuth grasp the broad concepts of the technique without diving into too many technical details.

Boosting launch day revenue by $2000 with a Shopify app

Did I do the clickbait headline right? In this post, I'll share a Shopify app success story -- how I helped charity Dansk Flygtninge Hjælp boost their launch day revenue by 18% with an app that took a couple of hours to build.

Ruby Shopify Script Tutorial

This example is part of my free email course, “Mastering Shopify Apps”. If you didn’t arrive here from an email from me, consider signing up to the course to receive more content designed to help you build Shopify applications.

Fixing 'Oauth error invalid_request' for Shopify Apps

It seems recently that a lot of folks have been running into errors with the OAuth flow when building Shopify applications - most specifically, getting an error reading "Oauth error invalid_request: The redirect_uri is missing or not whitelisted". In this post, I'll show you how to tackle this problem.

Getting Started with the Shopify API

Even if you've never worked with a HTTP API before, or aren't particularly technical, it's actually quite easy to get started working with the Shopify API. In this post, extracted from my email course on building Shopify Apps, I'll show you how to get started.

Exporting Gumroad Sales to Xero

I've been using Gumroad for a couple of years to sell products to my audience. In this post, I'll show you how I semi-automated the process of importing Gumroad sales data into accounting software Xero using a simple Ruby script.

Why learn to build a Shopify app?

In this post, extracted from my new email course, I take a step back and ask a "big picture" question: why would we want to learn how to develop Shopify applications?

Notes from Generate Conference London

My summaries of some of the standout talks at Generate Conf 2015 in London.

Building Shopify Apps with PHP

PHP may not be the sexiest or "it's so hot right now" of languages, but it's still hugely popular, gets the job done for millions of sites, and has a large base of talented developers. If you're a PHP developer interested in building Shopify applications, but are a bit put off by the apparent lack of PHP-specific resources out there, I've put together a collection of useful places to start.

Securing customer pages with a Shopify app proxy

Shopify's proxy pages allow you to offer customers some pretty nifty functionality. However, a naive implementation raises a few security issues. In this post, I'll walk through the techniques I use to authenticate proxied requests.