Hi! I’m Gavin, a consulting software developer working at Disco and writing mostly about my work with the Shopify eCommerce platform.

I’m the author of the Bootstrap for Shopify framework, as well as the new course Mastering Shopify Themes.

You can find out more about me or reach out — I’m always happy to chat!

Recent Posts

Mastering Shopify Themes Published!

It’s been a long road, but yesterday I clicked the “send” button to let the earlybird list for Mastering Shopify Themes know that the course is now live and available for purchase!

The “Click Trepidation” Test of Software Quality

When I was 17, I entered a programming competition for high school students. The most important lesson I got from the experience is that your own gut can be a strong indicator of software quality.

Deploying Shopify Themes with Beanstalk: First Run Review

A live video run-through of my first run through of Beanstalk's new "Deploy to Shopify" feature for Shopify themes.

Improving Shopify Themes (Podcast interview)

I recently appeared on the Unofficial Shopify podcast, where I discussed the ins and outs of Shopify themes with Kurt and Paul.

Build a Shopify App in 15 minutes with Django

A series of 3 very short screencasts showing you how you can use Django to build a functional Shopify app in 15 minutes.

Announcing Cart.js

Cart.js is an open source project making it easier to add Ajax cart functionality to Shopify themes.

Associating Django users with their sessions

A simple way to fetch all of a user's sessions when building Django applications.

Updates to Shopify theme settings plugin

Announcing a few key updates to my Shopify theme settings plugin.

Managing Shopify’s settings.html

Managing Shopify's HTML settings file can be a pain when building Shopify themes. I've released a Grunt plugin that makes it a bit easier.

Verifying Shopify Proxy Requests in Python

I've been playing around with Shopify's application proxy feature of late as part of my work for Disco's range of upcoming Shopify applications.